Creating an equitable and sustainable world through inclusive business

Inclusive business is one of the private sector contributions toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and will deliver tremendous market opportunities. Therefore, more and more companies are expressing interest in developing, implementing and scaling-up inclusive business models. Globally, more than US $16 billion have been invested in inclusive business pioneers by multi-lateral development banks and impact investors are increasing their portfolios faster than anticipated.

What is the socio-economic benefit of inclusive business?

Inclusive businesses are the pioneers of socially and environmentally responsible companies. They tap into the economic potential of the base of the pyramid either by including them into their value chains and thereby providing income opportunities or by providing relevant and affordable goods and services to them. Both impact paths provide tremendous business opportunities as the global base of the pyramid market reaches US $5 trillion In targeting the poor and low-income market segments, inclusive businesses also spur innovation, strengthen value chains, build operations that are more effective, uncover new sources of profitability, and enhance long-term competitiveness.

How Inclusive is your Business?

If you want to find out, how inclusive your business is, take the Inclusive Business Maturity Test developed by UNDP’s Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development.

What Approaches Exist to Scaling an Inclusive Business?

If you want to learn more about scaling your inclusive business, have a look at this in-depth article and related overview of publications on the topic.

How Can You Make your Business More Inclusive?

iBAN provides an in-depth Capacity Development Programme for companies that aim to scale their inclusive business models. Learn more here.

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