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BanhJi is a FinTech start-up providing MSMEs with a financial platform and financial applications that are connected to Cambodia’s payment and financing ecosystem. The platform and applications enable MSMEs to make smart decisions, access digital financial services, and access working capital financing. This company’s vision is to reduce the Cambodian MSMEs $3.7 billion financing gap. BanhJi started its business in October 2016 providing free accounting software to SMEs. However, it found quickly that SMEs already have the skills and human resources to undertake sufficient accounting, and changed its business model to focus on microenterprises and on providing them with the accounting software, but also with a point of sale and broader financial services.

Inclusive Business Model

Since 2019, BanhJi, as part of the subscription fee, also offers the service of accountants that provide microenterprises with low-cost and reliable bookkeeping service based on the BanhJi software, and it is expected it will help rapidly expanding the market of the company. BanhJi accountants, of which 60 per cent are women, are specially selected people (mostly first year university students) from low-income communities and receive training in accounting services from BanhJi. BanhJi provides coaching and 
supervision to its accountants through a centralized quality control system.