Little Sun

Sub-Saharan Africa
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Little Sun is a solar home company. They provide solar energy for water pumping, staple crop processing, cold storage, and food drying which increases agricultural productivity for smallholder farmers. Little Sun brings solar lights to children and educators


Inclusive Business Model

Little Sun pilots new approaches using solar technology for agriculture to increase farmers’ income by increasing yields and sales, and help communities to meet the nutritional and livelihood needs of growing populations. Little Sun is committed to using solar power to enable children to reach their full potential. 


A simple solar light can have a big impact on a child’s life. Each lamp means: Children have 1,200 additional hours of study time after dark over the lifespan of the lamp; Parents save up to 20% of their household’s income that would normally be spent on energy; Children, especially girls, feel safer on their way to and from school; No more toxic smoke from kerosene; Teachers have light to work on lesson plans in the evening at home.

Solar powered millet milling enable farmers – primarily women farmers – to mill their crops locally, at low cost, and with no environmental impact.