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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Live Clean is a sanitation company, that provides public toilets and water for hand and vegetable cleaning in public markets, currently in 2 Zambian cities.

Inclusive Business Model

An additional innovative business feature is the renting of advertisement space at the toilets thus substantially increasing commercial viability.


Currently, the toilet facilities have 400-450 visitors per day per site, hence 0.77 million visitors per year, of which it is estimated 60% of the market customers and 5% of the traders in the markets are poor, 35%/25% are low-income people and 35%/70% are from the better off income groups. The price is very affordable at ZMW 3 per toilet use and ZMW 10 per bucket of water for dish, hand, and vegetable washing. In 2021 with its 5 sites the company had a revenue of about ZMW 2 million ($0.1 million), and it wishes to expand to 10 sites by 2025.