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OnDoctor is a technology-based healthcare service owned by a couple, both doctors. The CEO has also created other companies.

Founded in 2016, OnDoctor is built on the principle of Universal Health Care and is inspired by 3 founding principle

  1. Basic Essential Primary Healthcare,
  2. Accessible to all and,
  3. Affordable for all.

To date, OnDoctor has helped to connect doctors with over million patients for virtual consultation.

There are two business lines. One provides health consultations using a phone application, the other health information through Facebook. As approved by the Ministry of Health, the company can also prescribe electronically (by phone) some selected medicines. Most of the company’s telephone customers are women. The consultation services are not paid by the people with health problems but by third-party health service providers. The second 
business line is information on Facebook on issues such as diabetes, diet control, exercise, unwanted pregnancies and other common health problems. All information is screened by the company or prepared by the company to ensure it is relevant for the persons with low income.

Inclusive Business Model

The business model is different from that of other online health companies, as OnDoctor charges providers of health information, not patients. OnDoctor has a large consumer base that is of interest to the health service providers who pay the bills of the company through their advertisements. The company adapted this model from similar companies in India.


OnDoctor ’s services are targeted at people who have limited access to healthcare and find it inconvenient to visit doctors in person. Migrant workers are one of the biggest segments as they cannot visit local clinics. The company has a large social reach. By the end of 2022 it was serving about 130,000 clients through the phone app and had about 1.5 million social-media followers and 12,000 daily website visitors.