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Here, you can find a selection of self-learning resources from iBAN and its partners about inclusive business topics. 

If you are interested in iBAN training offers in particular, kindly reach out to Katharina Banz, Coordinator for Capacity Development and Monitoring.

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Gender Equality Mainstreaming (GEM) Framework

The GEM self-assessment measures a company’s performance on ESG components. Designed for companies to complete themselves, the self-assessment builds upon the ESG investment standard by mainstreaming gender across a range of ESG criteria. The self-assessment is made up of three surveys, with each survey asking gender-specific questions about one of the ESG components. The GEM self-assessment assists businesses to identify these types of value creation opportunities that can improve a company’s standing among its competitors.



Advisory Support for Inclusive Business

The webinar presents key learnings from the report “More than Money: Mapping the landscape of advisory support for inclusive business (2017)” as well as opens the discussion with innovators and specialists involved in the report, on what they have learned and where these insights are leading them.




Ted London’s framework and Olivier Kayser’s pathway

Wouldn’t it be great if we could crack the question of how to scale inclusive business? With 50 years of experience between them, two leading experts have recently shared their wisdom in two new books. So drawing on Ted London’s framework and Olivier Kayser’s pathway, do we have the answers we need? Hear what Ted and Olivier think when they discuss scale together in this unique webinar.