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Here, you can find a selection of self-learning resources from iBAN and its partners about inclusive business topics. 

If you are interested in iBAN training offers in particular, kindly reach out to Katharina Banz, Coordinator for Capacity Development and Monitoring.

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Online Course


Access to Impact Investing for Social Enterprises

VIVA Idea and the Social Finance Academy co-created this “how to” course based on practical experiences and proven concepts from the field. It is wrapped around a signature framework that explains – step by step- how the process of obtaining financing will typically unfold in real life, from getting investment-ready via signing a financing contract, to establishing good investor relations, avoiding mission drift and approaching the next financing (or responsible exit).

SectorFinancial Services


What works for smallholders and agribusiness?

What works for smallholders and agribusiness?

This webinar presents findings on the progress of agribusinesses that engage smallholders.

SectorAgriculture or Food, Health

Year Published