About iBAN

The Inclusive Business Action Network (iBAN) is a global initiative supporting the scaling and replication of inclusive business models. Through its strategic pillars iBAN blue and iBAN weave, iBAN manages an innovative online knowledge platform on inclusive business (www.inclusivebusiness.net) and offers a focused Capacity Development Programme for policymakers and investment seeking companies in developing and emerging countries. iBAN creates a space where evidence-based knowledge transforms into learning and new partnerships. With its focus on promoting the upscale of inclusive business models and consequently improving the lives of the poor, iBAN is actively contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

iBAN is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the European Union. It is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

iBAN blue and iBAN weave are strongly interconnected to ensure synergies among both are generated in the most effective way.

iBAN brochure

iBAN pursues an integrated strategic approach:

  • Going wide in reach with the largest global online knowledge platform on inclusive business (iBAN blue)
  • Going deep with its focused Capacity Development Programme for selected companies and policy makers in developing and emerging countries (iBAN weave)
iBAN's strategic approach 2020
iBAN's strategic approach 2020

    Strategic partners

    iBAN works closely with thought leaders in the inclusive business ecosystem, among others an established network of strategic partners that comprises the Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group, the United Nations Development Programme, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

    Our values reflect our vision to ‘enable change’ for the benefit of the poor: 


    We achieve more when our efforts are combined. By constantly seeking to develop and nurture effective relationships, we positively contribute to an ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and participation.


    The potential of people and their ideas to create a better world drives us. We have our finger on the pulse and are aware of the latest developments and of the learnings of the past.


    We have a sensible and realistic approach. The confidence others have in our efforts is based on our ability to separate and prioritise what is practical and important from what is not. By consistently pursuing a measured and logical point of view, we make certain our impact is solid and reliable.


    Our success comes from our total commitment to the purpose we share. Achieving the best results for those we strive to serve and support not only requires excellence in delivery but also in spirit.