Biogas Solutions Uganda - producing biogas from municipal waste

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Biogas Solutions Uganda Ltd operates as the lead partner in the nurturing of the biogas sector. Whilst thy neither build the bio digesters nor finance their construction, the company is responsible for the quality of the bio digesters to ensure that end users get value for money. BSUL works with partners to expand the reach in order to ensure that the simplicity is supported by scale.

Inclusive Business Model

Many farmers harvest more bio-slurry (surplus) than what they need and the rest is sold to earn income. This has saved many from buying chemical fertilizers to meet their agronomic requirements. Bio slurry is a cheaper organic fertilizer that can increase crop yields by 30- 40%. Areas of partnership include:

  • Promotion and marketing
  • Training of youth in biogas construction
  • Promotion of organic farming using bio-slurry
  • Support to rural households in biogas acquisition.

The biogas technology has created employment for a number of players including the private sector actors like BCEs who in turn provide employment to the youth who do the construction at households. Appliance fabricators earn a living by selling fabrications like cooking stoves. Biogas is an economically viable sector in Uganda.

Biogas provides clean and smoke free cooking with less health risks like cancer, respiratory complications and eye problems related to use of firewood and charcoal. It also makes it easy in disposing of animal dung and urine. Installation of a bio toilet improves the sanitation of a home.