África Subsahariana
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Medeem provides a sustainable, locally managed solution to land rights documentation in Africa. Unlike typical “top-down” land programs that have often failed to effectively serve the needs of those most vulnerable. Medeem is creating land rights for the poor in communal land (mostly traditional chief lands, some urban lands), thereby substantially enhancing the productive use of land.

Inclusive Business Model

While there are various land rights companies in the country, Medeem is special by offering better prices and particularly more secured land contracts and doing so in a highly participatory and conflict-avoiding interactive process with the traditional leaders and the villagers.


A landholder or smallholder farmer is more “bankable” once their land is secured. Medeem’s land rights documentation process  enables lenders to more accurately assess the risk associated with the client’s loan profile from the precise location, size of land, and loan profile that is linked to their parcel. In 2021 the company made 10,000 land contracts and it is expecting 20,000 by 2025. 55% of its customers are very poor, 30% poor and 10% low-income households.