Achi Greens Farms

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Achi Greens Farms is a small ginger processing company sourcing from farmers in 14 villages of Kafanchan local government area in Southern Kaduna State. The company has three business lines (raw, dry split and processed ginger) on a 17-ha farmland and engages out grower farmers on their own lands as well.

Inclusive Business Model

The company is aware of the seasonality of ginger production (8 months) and therefore also encourages their farmers to produce vegetable in the ginger off season (4 months). However, while the company helps taking vegetables to the markets and achieving higher prices for their farmers, it seems that this vegetable production is not a core business line of the company. The IB business model.



In 2022 the company engages about 50 farmers directly. These farmers then engage about 2000 (3000 by 2025) laborers on their farmland. About 70% of the farmers are women and the company has a deliberate policy for women engagement. The company introduced only few innovations relevant for the BoP such as the promotion of inter-cropping for improving food and nutrition and for enhancing income. It maintains a good CSR program (free lunch and diner for the farmers and their children).