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The Model Agreement for Responsible Contract Farming is a simple and practical legal tool to support the implementation of global principles and guidelines and make responsible investment a reality. This article summarizes the main insights and recommendations from the guide to leverage the insights for practitioners.

Este estudio de McKinsey destaca tres factores de éxito para los sistemas de dinero móvil: la escala, las asociaciones y la innovación.

Cette étude de McKinsey met en évidence trois facteurs de succès des systèmes de monnaie mobile : l'échelle, les partenariats et l'innovation.

This McKinsey study highlights three success factors for mobile money systems: scale, partnerships, and innovation.

L'article de la Harvard Business Review se concentre sur la mise en œuvre d'initiatives commerciales inclusives et souligne la nécessité de passer de la RSE aux activités commerciales de base.

The Harvard Business Review article focuses on the implementation of inclusive business initiatives and stresses the need to move from CSR to core business activities.