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This article proposes six possible avenues for quality OGS companies to reduce the price difference of their products compared to non-quality products, starting from the cost categories that account for most of the price difference between quality and non-quality Solar Home Systems (SHS). These are not the only solutions, but they are a start!

In this article, the GDC shares key insights on the procurement challenges that Last mile distributors (LMDs) face, as well as emerging solutions leveraging centralized purchasing models.

The Model Agreement for Responsible Contract Farming is a simple and practical legal tool to support the implementation of global principles and guidelines and make responsible investment a reality. This article summarizes the main insights and recommendations from the guide to leverage the insights for practitioners.

El informe de Hystra Reaching Scale in Access to Energy (Ampliación en escala en el acceso a la energía, cofinanciado por la red Inclusive Business Action Network o IBAN) se basa en análisis en profundidad del rendimiento de 26 empresarios y empresarias de negocios inclusivos en el sector de la energía limpia.

Le rapport se concentre sur l'accès à l'électricité propre, sous forme de lanternes solaires, de systèmes solaires domestiques (SHS), de micro-réseaux et de pompes d'irrigation solaires. Les opportunités de marché dans ces domaines sont importantes, avec 440 millions de ménages hors réseau et pauvres, avec un pouvoir d'achat de 20 milliards de dollars par an. Le rapport aborde également la question de l'accès aux cuisinières améliorées.

The report focusses on access to clean electricity, in forms of solar lanterns, solar home systems (SHS), micro-grids, and solar irrigation pumps. The market opportunities in these areas are significant, with 440 million off- and poor-grid households with a purchasing power of US$ 20 billion a year. The report also discusses access to improved cook stoves.

Escaping Darkness

February 2017

Through the intensive involvement of costumers in this paper, inclusive businesses can learn from their perception on innovative business ideas.