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iB Choice is a curated library of topical publications carefully selected by IB experts. This collection complements the publications database by helping users navigate an abundance of available publications. Each publication highlighted in this collection distills key recommendations, as well as insights into the relevance of the material for inclusive business. Users can search entries by topic, region and country to enable them to find highly targeted and specific information pertinent to their needs and interests. 

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L’étude a pour but d’apporter un meilleur éclairage sur le rôle essentiel que jouent les entreprises inclusives pour réduire le fossé entre les riches et les pauvres et lutter contre les disparités de genre. Elle souhaite offrir une nouvelle vision de la manière dont les entreprises perçoivent les contraintes de genre, en tirent des bénéfices substantiels et répercutent les résultats sur les personnes qui se trouvent à la base de la pyramide.

The study aims to provide more understanding on the importance of inclusive business (IB) in helping narrow the chasm between the rich and the poor, alongside addressing the gender gap. It aspires to provide a fresh perspective on how businesses that recognize gender-based constraints reap substantial benefits and trickle-down results up to those in the base of the pyramid (BoP).