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What can companies do to reduce the cost of solar products without compromising on quality? This article proposes six recommendations, starting from the cost categories that account for most of the price difference between quality and non-quality Solar Home Systems (SHS).

Myanmar’s IB landscape is at a nascent stage. This study assessed 176 businesses that already function as inclusive businesses or have the potential to become inclusive.

This study by INCLUDE captures current views of inclusive development challenges in Africa, and identifies key interventions to reduce poverty and inequality in the region.

This study aims to provide understanding of the current state of Inclusive Business (IB) and IB policies in the ASEAN region.

Este estudio pretende explicar el estado actual del negocio inclusivo y de las políticas a este respecto en la región de la Asociación de Naciones del Sudeste Asiático (ASEAN, por sus siglas en inglés).

El comercio inclusivo está atrayendo un interés cada vez mayor en el Foro de Cooperación Económica de Asia y el Pacífico (APEC), ya que sus economías miembros apuntan a un crecimiento más inclusivo y sostenible, y las empresas buscan nuevos modelos comerciales que sean a la vez comercialmente viables y socialmente pertinentes. En el presente artículo se resumen las recomendaciones para que las empresas pasen de la tradicional responsabilidad social empresarial a los negocios inclusivos.

Inclusive business is attracting increasing interest in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), as its member economies target more inclusive and sustainable growth, and companies seek new business models that are both commercially viable and socially relevant. This articles summarises recommendations for companies to move forward from traditional corporate social responsibility to inclusive business.

Los negocios inclusivos forman parte ahora del Plan de Acción Estratégico de la ASEAN para el Desarrollo de las Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas (PYMES) para 2016-2025. En este informe se presenta un informe de situación del IB para la ASEAN y se identifican las medidas para incorporar las empresas inclusivas en los Estados miembros.

Inclusive business is now part of the 2016-2025 ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Development. This report presents an IB situationer for ASEAN and identifies measures to mainstream inclusive business in member states.

El Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society (Centro para la filantropía y la sociedad asiáticas) ha realizado una evaluación comparativa del sector filantrópico en 15 países asiáticos.

The Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society benchmarked the philanthropic sector in 15 Asian countries. The analysis ranks the countries on their enabling environment for philanthropic giving. Philanthropic organisations could be potential investors for inclusive businesses (IB) since they are looking for investments with a social and/or environmental impact. Social delivery organisations (SDOs), among them, with a high level of transparency can attract philanthropic investment and thereby mobilise capital.

The study aims to provide more understanding on the importance of inclusive business (IB) in helping narrow the chasm between the rich and the poor, alongside addressing the gender gap. It aspires to provide a fresh perspective on how businesses that recognize gender-based constraints reap substantial benefits and trickle-down results up to those in the base of the pyramid (BoP).

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