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In this article, the GDC shares key insights on the procurement challenges that Last mile distributors (LMDs) face, as well as emerging solutions leveraging centralized purchasing models.

This survey shows how inclusive business practice and initiatives have increased over the past three years, particularly in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and among large national companies, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

El presente documento de trabajo es una introducción a la "financiación innovadora", un término general que se refiere a una serie de estrategias para generar, combinar y utilizar eficazmente la financiación pública y privada para lograr una serie de objetivos y repercusiones de desarrollo.

Ce document de travail est une introduction au "financement innovant", un terme fourre-tout qui désigne une série de stratégies visant à générer, combiner et utiliser efficacement des financements publics et privés pour atteindre une série d'objectifs et d'impacts en matière de développement.

This working paper is a primer on “innovative finance”, a catch-all term that refers to a range of strategies to effectively generate, combine, and use public and private financing to achieve a range of development goals and impact.

Cet État des lieux du marché de l’investissement à impact a été élaboré par l’initiative Principes pour l’investissement responsable (PRI) afin d’aider les entreprises à aller au-delà des traditionnels rapports sur les questions environnementales, sociales et de gouvernance (ESG) en mesurant l’impact sociétal des stratégies et des investissements des entreprises par rapport aux ODD.

This Impact Investing Market Map was developed by the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) to help businesses move beyond the traditional environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting to measuring societal impact of business strategies and investments according to the SDGs.

This article summarizes main insights from "Integrating the SDGs into corporate reporting: A practical guide". The publication outlines a process of ‘principled prioritization’ aimed at helping companies to identify and prioritize their SDG targets, take action and report on their progress.

Este estudio pretende describir el estado actual y las tendencias del mercado de inversión de impacto. La inversión de impacto persigue la rentabilidad financiera, además de un impacto social y/o ambiental.

Cette étude a pour but de décrire la situation actuelle et les tendances du marché de l’investissement à impact. En 2018, GIIN a analysé les informations provenant de 229 participants dont le portefeuille combiné d’investissement à impact atteint 228,1 milliards de dollars.

This study aims to depict the current state and trends of the impact investment market. In 2018, GIIN analysed information from 229 participants with a combined impact investment portfolio of 228.1 billion dollars.

According to impact investment chain actors - fund managers, development finance institutions, intermediaries, entrepreneurs, governments, civil society stakeholders, and other experts - there are five crucial factors to improving impact incentives and increasing impact investments that capital providers, fund managers, and businesses/enterprises should focus on: