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10 High-potential Inclusive Business ventures to fund in 2016

East Asia and Pacific
Sub-Saharan Africa
9. Feb 2016

Currently, 52 ventures on the Inclusive Business Accelerator platform are in ‘fundraising mode’, looking to raise an average of USD $524.125. Our team selected 10 high-potential Inclusive Business ventures looking for funding in 2016. Read about them below in alphabetical order.

At the Inclusive Business Accelerator, 2015 was a year of growth. We partnered with SEED, VBCF and 2SCALE to showcase ventures from their portfolios and increased the number of (impact) investors and ventures on our platform.

To get access to the fundraising information of the ventures listed below you can register as an investor on the IB Accelerator platform via this page after creating a personal account first (not longer available).

10 IB ventures looking for funding in 2016:

Sector: Agriculture


Botanica Natural Products- South Africa

Based out of Limpopo, South Africa, Botanica Natural Products specializes in extraction of the bulbine Frutescent, an aloe-like plant, which provides valuable ingredients for the cosmetic industry and the nutraceutical markets. Botanica Natural Products aim to develop their production line to include oils, organic fertilizers and veterinary products. View venture profile.

Ecology Farming Corporation - Vietnam

Ecology Farming Corporation (Ecofarm) is a production facility working to turn biomass into heat energy and biochar. These produce low levels of air pollution, carbon sequestration and soil amendment. Ecofarm works with low-income producers, distributors and employees in their manufacturing processes. View venture profile.

Hamona - Vietnam

Hamona is the first company to use biotechnology to preserve the delicious freshness of a coconut. This technology maintains the fruit as if it was still attached to the tree until it reaches its end consumer. Hamona collaborates with local farmers and harvesters in the Mekong Delta to deliver the coconuts to distribution partners and wholesalers who ensure the quality of the coconut. View venture profile.

Nigerian Fruit Concentrates - Nigeria

By restoring and operating Nigeria’s only natural fruit-juice manufacturing center, Nigerian Fruit Concentrates (NFC) uses the plentiful and low-cost fruit growing in the Benue State to produce affordable, good quality fruit juices. They provide essential nutrients to tens of millions of people, promote a healthy life, and employ small-scale farmers. View venture profile.








Sector: Energy


Green Bio Energy - Uganda

Focusing on the reduction of CO2 emissions, Green Bio Energy produces and sells improved cookstoves, water filters, and briquettes made out of recycled material. The Ugandan-based company estimates that using briquettes is 40% cheaper and reduces charcoal consumption by 86%. View venture profile.

Jiro-Ve - Madagascar

Jiro-Ve provides affordable forms of renewable energy. They select and train franchisers who charge, rent out and distribute solar lights. Not only do Jiro-Ve’s lights create jobs, but they also help consumers save money by renting them for cheaper than alternative sources. View venture profile.

Nadji.Bi - Senegal

Nadji.Bi develops, produces and sells quality solar products through an innovative distribution network in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their products include solar lamps and modules which are economical, portable, healthy, and can light up an entire home. View venture profile.

Nuru Energy - Uganda

Nuru Energy markets an innovative and simple-to-use off-grid recharging platform for portable LED lights or low-power devices, using kinetic energy. They work with local organisations to recruit and train micro-franchise entrepreneurs, and plan to sell a minimum of 500,000 Nuru lights to increase study hours of 100,000 students.
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Sector: WASH


Nazava Water Filters - Indonesia

Nazava provides safe, low-cost water filters to people living at the Base of the Pyramid. These filters are easy to use, save lives by eliminating the bacteria and parasites responsible for waterborne diseases, and help reduce CO2 emissions from burning firewood to disinfect water.
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Ivy Company - Indonesia

Ivy is a smart distribution network for life-changing energy, cooking and water technologies in remote areas of Indonesia. They make these technologies accessible and affordable by offering credit, free training and high quality service & maintenance.
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To get access to the fundraising information of the ventures listed above you can register as an investor on the IB Accelerator platform via this form after creating a personal account first. (Registration not longer possible)