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Anjum-James Associates Ltd aims to provide logistical & strategic advice and assistance to enterprenuers and businesses interested in exploring opportunities of 'Doing Business with Bangladesh' and those in Bangladesh who are interested in exploring opportunities in UK, Europe and other emerging countries. The company aims to create opportunities which are long term, sustainable, builds on local material and enhance traditional skills and promotes quality products. Anjum-James Associates Ltd works closely with those of Bangladeshi diaspora in the UK or globally. Believing very much that the skills and expertise available to those outside of Bangladesh can be as valuable as cash/funds. Anjum-James Associates is looking to build its network in Bangladesh and elsewhere and working more collaboratively and sharing knowledge and expertise.

Boosting Knowledge Transfer in the RMG Sector in Bangladesh

South Asia
16. Feb 2015


The successful Dhaka Apparel Summit, held in December 2014, concluded that Bangladesh's Ready-Made Garment (RMG) industry is aiming at doubling its current capacity, whilst addressing workplace related issues.

GreenGrade's UpSkill aims to complement existing commitment of organisations eager to transfer essential knowledge on social compliance among RMG managers across the country. GreenGrade is offering a unique opportunity for garment factory managers to experience the UpSkill platform free of charge.

UpSkill is an innovative e-learning solution for garment factory managers in Bangladesh to improve their knowledge of social compliance and labour standards. The platform is available in Bengali and English and acts as a proactive tool, allowing users to apply what they learn in order to prevent potential accidents on the factory floor.

Terms and conditions apply: a chargeable fee will be applied for the issue of the certificates.




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