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Call for Ideas: Creative Solutions for Mexico's Education Sector

Latin America and the Caribbean
28. Mar 2018

LeFil Consulting is partnering with Ashoka (on a pro bono basis) on an exciting project to offer more opportunities to Mexican children (aged 7-17): As the Ministry of Education gave the freedom for schools to choose 20% of their curriculum, we are looking for ideas of scalable experiences and content to give children opportunities to learn/ experience skills and knowledge relevant for the 21st century and which are not otherwise part of the traditional curriculum.

The best ideas will then be piloted together with schools, teachers and students across Mexico.

Some examples we’ve come across are:

  • CoderDojo is a global volunteer-led community of free programming clubs for young people. This model could be replicated to teach children about technology, team work and gender bias.
  • LED Safari has developed a DIY solar lamp for students and training to help them make their own solar lamp. This model could be replicated to teach children about innovation and the solar market.
  • Let’s Do It! Movement is a citizen movement to collect garbage and increase awareness. This model could be replicated to teach children about environment preservation, team work and leadership.

We are looking to find other examples of successful social enterprises, innovative models and content who could use schools as a channel to replicate their innovation and learnings. We would love to draw from your experience.

Please take 2 minutes of your time, and kindly answer the top 3 ideas that come to your mind when reading this to lfujisawa@lefilconsulting.com. A few names of organizations or projects will be enough.