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Everyday inclusive entrepreneurs are grappling with reality at the bottom of the pyramid, doing the grunt work of adapting to local demands, and building the solutions to poverty that can pay for themselves. I am passionate about adding to their success.

Webinar: Innovative financing opportunities for inclusive agri-business

Finance for Inclusive Business
Impact Investing
Agriculture or Food

In 2017, impact investors poured over US$ 200bn into companies that combine social and environmental goals with financial returns. This year, blended finance sped past the US$ 100bn mark, as public funders recognise the importance of the private sector for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. These are big opportunities, especially for agri-businesses, which can contribute to the global goals while strengthening their own business models.

To help companies understand the opportunity, iBAN will lead a one-hour webinar, which lays out new and emerging financing mechanisms. Niek van Dijk (BoP Innovation Center) and I will discuss key insights into how new financial mechanisms can allow companies to take on more impactful ventures. To get into specific examples, we’ll engage experts from IDH to shed light on what business models work to engage smallholder farmers and how FarmFit, a blended finance vehicle, can finance inclusive agri-business. This session will cover:

  • blended finance
  • impact investment
  • agricultural value-chain financing
  • results-based financing
  • public-private partnerships
  • thematic bonds
  • project finance
  • crowdfunding

To complement the webinar, we developed a primer that takes a deeper look into what these innovative financing opportunities can entail for your business. The primer lays out how these mechanisms relate to your company’s size and stage, as well as how to get started tapping into these opportunities. We encourage you to use the primer as preparation or follow-up to the webinar. 

Please register for the webinar until December 12, 2018.

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