Boost Better Business (B3) program
Nairobi, Kenya

Sustainable Inclusive Business in partnership with B Lab East Africa supported by SNV’s SWA and Hortimpact programmes, invites you to take part in the Boost Better Business (B3) program for the Horticulture Sector. The B3 program is a program of Sustainable Inclusive Business and B Lab East Africa designed to help you measure your sustainability and inclusiveness impact, support you in monitoring Business progress and in identifying areas of improvement.

The programme is scheduled to take place over a period of 6 months with:

  • A full assessment
  • Assistance on improvement plan
  • 4 days of training and 6 months of improvement.

The kick off dates with a tailor made workshop are 30th October 2018 and 31st October 2018. The program is partly supported by SNV SWA and Hortimpact programmes, with participating companies required to pay a commitment fee of $350 equivalent to Kes 35,000. Each participating company is allowed, at most, two participants.

For more details, seethe invitation.

Agriculture or Food
Capacity building
Inclusive business models and strategy