Social & Inclusive Business Camp

The Social & Inclusive Business Camp of AFD aims at accelerating impactful businesses while exchanging amongst experts and inspiring entrepreneurs on new ways of doing business in Africa, and how to promote it.

For who?

The Social & Inclusive Business Camp of AFD is for all stakeholders of the social business ecosystem in Africa, from entrepreneurs to public representatives acting to improve meaningful business in their country, financiers and experts from throughout Africa and emerging countries.

Why a Social & Inclusive Business Camp?

Giving meaning to our actions, making human beings prevail at all costs, there is still time to migrate towards inclusive economic models. The AFD Group responds to a need emanating from its partners: the need to support social entrepreneurs and to structure the Social Business sector. Thus, the Social & Inclusive Business Camp aims to provide answers and propose innovative tools so that everyone can improve their project. On the agenda: experience sharing, collective intelligence, dialogue between different participants of social entrepreneurship.

BoP as customer
Capacity building
Inclusive business models and strategy