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Inclusive Business Action Network (iBAN)
Published on
Diciembre 2020
English, Spanish, French
Online, 4 main modules, 15min - 90min per module

Key learnings

In this course, you will: 

  • develop a deep understanding of what Inclusive Business is.
  • recognise the relevance of Inclusive Business for companies, investors, policymakers, and low-income communities.


This general introductory course imparts basic knowledge on inclusive business (IB), its definition and features. The course also sets the parameters of the IB target groups and how they are involved in the value chain. It outlines the different sectors where the base of the pyramid (BoP) is engaged, identifies different IB approaches and illustrates the inclusive business ecosystem. Overall, the intro course makes the case for inclusive business and highlights the positive impact of IB on the SDGs.

Format and timing

  • All modules are accessible, however do build up on the content from the previous module.
  • The course has no start or end date, and can be completed at the learner's own pace.
  • The modules take between 15 and 90 min each. Overall, the course takes around 2hrs30min to 3hr30min to complete.
  • Learners gain a certificate after completing the final quiz.

This course is relevant for you if...

This course is relevant for impact entrepreneurs and managers, policymakers, impact investors and the general public who want to gain a basic understanding of inclusive business and how it relates to business development, social impact and impact investment.

Course syllabus

Introduction and course instructions

Module 0 introduces you to the course, highlights supportive resources and explains the format, content and overall objectives of the course.

Duration: 5 min

Introduction to Inclusive Business

In this first module you will be introduced to what inclusive business is and who it benefits. In addition you will hear from influential voices from the field on the importance of IB.

Duration: 15 min

What makes an Inclusive Business inclusive?

The second module looks at why IB companies engage with the BoP and what defines an IB company. In addition to presenting IB sectors and cases, it introduces the basic key questions by which you can assess an IB company.

Duration: 90 min

Who supports Inclusive Business?

In this module, you will understand which constraints IB companies face and learn how these constraints are addressed through support functions. You will explore the actors in the ecosystem around IB companies and learn how they play a role in providing these support functions. You will also recognize the importance of IB partnerships.

Duration: 30 min

Who benefits from Inclusive Business?

The final module provides insights on the benefits IB offers, specifically for the BoP, companies, investors and governments. It also highlights the role IB plays in the international context.

Duration: 25 min


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