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In this section, we will update you with announcements from the ecosystem of inclusive business, pre-selected according to their relevance for inclusive business ventures.

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26. Nov 2021
Sustainability Standards Orgs, UN Agencies, Launch Platform to Support Investors, Companies Manage & Report Sustainability Impact

A broad group of sustainability standards and guidance-focused organizations and UN agencies announced the launch of the Impact Management Platform, a new initiative aiming to coordinate and mainstream practices relating to the management of the sustainability effects of organizations and investments, helping companies and investors to manage their sustainability impacts and to navigate the reporting landscape.

25. Nov 2021
AVPN launches Corporate Social Impact Centre with courses on Inclusive Business and Impact Investing

Together with Visa and Johnson & Johnson, AVPN Academy has launched the new Corporate Social Impact Centre (CSIC). The CSIC is a learning hub for business leaders and CSR professionals who are looking to become more sophisticated in their corporate impact strategies. iBAN is proud to have supported the development of two courses on inclusive business and impact investing.

5. Nov 2021
Oikocredit and Opportunity International announce impact investment of USD 100 million to advance education in low-income countries

Social impact investor Oikocredit and global non-profit Opportunity International announced an innovative three-year collaboration to increase access to and quality of education in low-income countries. They will do this by investing up to USD 100 million in financial institutions who are benefiting from Opportunity International’s EduFinance programme.

20. Oct 2021
FAO stresses importance of WTO Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) to support Inclusive Business

Maria Helena Semedo, Deputy Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), recently mentioned the "new FAO strategy to support the transformation to more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agri-food systems.” She called for stronger collaboration, innovative partnerships and inclusive business models to achieve sustainable food and agriculture and related trade.

SME resilience in APEC with the pandemic and building a sustainable future

MSME ministers in the Asia-Pacific gathered at a virtual conference on 9 October. To sustain inclusive development, Vietnam will also need to generate new lucrative income opportunities for low-income people, and to provide more affordable and relevant goods and services, said Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Tran Duy Dong, adding that companies were increasingly interested in expanding their markets towards the base of the income pyramid.

11. Oct 2021
APEC SME: Inclusive Business Is Key In Building Back Economies With SME’s

During the 27th APEC SME Ministerial Meeting, Malaysian Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Minister Tan Sri Haji Noh Omar iterated the need for collaborative and inclusive efforts between public and private sector to boost economic recovery. In his address, he added: “Malaysia is of the view that Inclusive Business is key to build back the economy better and stronger. Therefore, the Government is promoting IB as avenue for addressing the needs of the B40 at scale.”

4. Oct 2021
Launch of the AVPN Academy

The AVPN Academy offers a space for social investment professionals to accelerate their learning journey by leveraging the wisdom of experts and practitioners on the ground. The self-paced and live classes as well as the resource library offered through the Academy aim to build the collective knowledge in the ecosystem.

22. Sep 2021
ASEAN focuses to build back better with inclusive business

Today, the Fourth ASEAN Inclusive Business Summit demonstrated the practical application of inclusive business in the public and private sectors to help ASEAN build back better from the COVID-19 crisis. Building on the Guidelines for the Promotion of Inclusive Business in ASEAN, endorsed in 2020, the summit discussed its application in national contexts, in particular, the establishment of an inclusive business accreditation and registration system and the provision of business coaching services for firms to develop inclusive business models.

16. Aug 2021
New platform brings clarity to Europe’s impact investment market

The internet project Impact Database has set up a platform to help investors choose companies, and assist companies with building up an international network of funding agencies. The project, which was started by BMW and has been picked up by the University of Zurich, is an attempt to transparently show all major sustainability sponsors in Europe.

13. Aug 2021
Nourishing Africa at One: Virtual Country Roadshow

To commemorate her first anniversary, Nourishing Africa hosted a Virtual Country Roadshow across six African countries in June and July. The event series aimed to connect agriculture and food entrepreneurs in Africa, share their experiences, and gain resources and knowledge from the expert panels and in-depth discussions. Watch the recording!