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List: IB in the news

25. Jul 2022
Sanofi Global Health Creates Nonprofit Brand for 30 Medicines in Low-Income Countries

Sanofi Global Health announced the launch of Impact, a new brand of standard of care medicines produced by Sanofi dedicated for nonprofit distribution to at-risk populations in the world’s most impoverished countries. The company also announces the establishment of an Impact fund that will support startup companies and other innovators that can deliver scalable solutions for sustainable healthcare in underserved regions.

22. Jul 2022
International funds eye impact investments in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has experienced an increase in impact investing, which involves corporate or private funds directed towards initiatives resulting in measurable environmental or social benefits. But the region’s distinct state ideologies and philanthropic cultures may not neatly fit into established Western models and standards.

15. Jul 2022
Marcos picks Sabin Aboitiz to head Private Sector Advisory Council

Aboitiz Group chief executive officer Sabin Aboitiz was chosen by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to lead and convene the private sector to help government meet its economic objectives. The newly established council aims to help government implement a robust infrastructure program, create more jobs, digitize processes, improve agricultural productivity, and ensure an equitable, sustainable, and inclusive business landscape for Filipinos.

7. Jul 2022
SME focused impact investments is being sidetracked in India, UGRO Capital’s Nath

In the impact investing ecosystem, SME focused investing currently doesn’t look to be getting enough traction, according to experts. “Despite the huge potential of impact investing in the MSME sector and its huge credit challenges, it seems that financing for SMEs has become predominantly the job of the Indian banking system,” said Shachindra Nath, Vice-Chairman & MD of fintech platform UGRO. 

1. Jul 2022
WE4F South and Southeast Asia Regional Innovation Hub Announces Winners of the Second Call for Innovations

The Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) Grand Challenge South and Southeast Asia Regional Hub (S/SEA RIH) has announced the 13 winners of the second S/SEA Call for Innovations. A total of $1.97 million in grants will be divided amongst the innovators. In addition to the grants, innovators will receive technical assistance and investment facilitation.

15. Jun 2022
AVPA launches African Healthcare Funders Forum

The African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA), Ashoka, and Social Innovation Circle with sponsorship from Boehringer Ingelheim have launched the African Healthcare Funders Forum. The first-of-its-kind year-long gathering of Africa’s leading funders and social entrepreneurs will drive the transformation of the African healthcare sector. The forum is dedicated to bridging the current healthcare funding gap and advancing innovative financing models.

10. Jun 2022
UNIDO, Canada and Ghana launch Ghana Circular Economy Centre to support the countrys transition to a circular economy

The 7.5 million Canadian dollar (or approximately six million USD) project will be implemented over a 5-year period. It seeks to promote circular economy-based and inclusive business models, particularly among women and the youth, while finding innovative ways to reduce negative environmental impacts.

31. May 2022
SIPP to sustain Philippine economic recovery

Trade Undersecretary Ceferino Rodolfo emphasized that the recently approved Strategic Investment Priority Plan (SIPP) will sustain the momentum towards economic recovery, saying SIPP will create and recover jobs for Filipinos. The SIPP’s Tier I contains the preferred activities under the 2020 IPP, which include all qualified activities relating to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. This explicitly includes Incluisve Business.

23. May 2022
‘Let’s unleash full potential of social economy’, World Economic Forum leaders urged at Davos

The power of the social economy to address global crises will be pushed on to the agenda of the World Economic Forum this week, as a landmark report is presented to global leaders when they meet in Davos. The report, Unlocking the Social Economy: Towards an inclusive and resilient society, published by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship today seeks to convince heads of state, corporate leaders and the general public of the potential of the social economy to tackle the world’s most urgent crises.