Alpha Polyplast

Alpha Polyplast recycles used PET bottles to produce flakes and polyester strappings. One of the first recycling companies in Zambia, it protects the environment and creates livelihood opportunities for low-income communities.

Inclusive Business Model

Polyplast is the only true recycling company in Zambia: the only one that really adds value to waste. There is only one other company that collects bottles, and they only produce flakes for export.

The bootles are picked by collectors in Lusaka and the Copperbelt by women’s groups, mixed adult groups, and individual collectors there. The collectors collect bottles and take them to local aggregators or directly to the factory in Ndola.


Polyplast provides the collectors with a reliable income opportunity. They receive K1,000 kwacha per ton, or K1,500  if they deliver directly to the factory. In total, collectors can earn any-where between K3000 and K7000 per month.

Recycling the bottles helps tackle the waste problem in Zambia.