Covid-19: Challenges and Resources

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus is changing the way we work. Over the last few weeks, a lot of new initiatives ranging from webinars, TED-talks, podcasts, checklists to new platforms have surfaced. To help support inclusive business companies during this difficult time, we have collected new resources for companies, best practices, tools and innovations offered by iBAN and other organizations, networks and programmes.

Cash is Key: Funding and Financing

Grants and Loans

Funding by Open Road Alliance: The Open Road Alliance offers grants for organizations that are responding directly to COVID-19. They also offer four loan products to organizations affected by COVID-19.

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Grant Facilities by Aavishkaar Group: The Aavishkaar Group announces Facility for Humane Action in response to Covid-19 for five key areas.

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Funding-Opportunity by Omidyar Network India: Omidyar Network India announces a Call for Proposals for Rapid Response Funding ( $1 million in total).

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IAVE Covid-19 Fund: Complete IAVE's grant request form if you are a volunteering organization that is authentically connected and providing coronavirus related volunteering for the most vulnerable populations – including youth, older adults, people with disabilities and other communities vulnerable to physical health, mental health and economic impact of the pandemic. IAVE's grants are one-time only, cash awards of under $500.

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Capital Relief Resources by CASE: The Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) from Duke University provides Capital Relief Resources including grants, loans and other cash equivalents for entrepreneurs worldwide. 

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Deal Share Platform by AVPN: This Deal Share Platform helps to create prospective funding and collaboration opportunities by supporting members in identifying investable Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) through the pipeline of deals across markets, causes and financing instruments.

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DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant: The DBS Foundation offers Grants between SGD 50,000 and SGD 250,000 for social enterprises who have a product market fit, demonstrated traction in sales and revenue, clear social impact and are ready to scale up. 

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Matchmaking Platform for possible Grants and Investments by the Norrsken Foundation: If you are an innovative initiative that offers time-sensitive solutions that directly address issues caused by the coronavirus you can apply for funding. Also, you can directly connect with organizations working together on solutions or offer financial or legal help as organization or an individual. 

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Facebook for Business offers Grants for Companies in Selected Countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and South Africa: You are eligible if you have between 2 and 50 employees, have been in business for over a year, have experienced challenges from COVID-19 and if you are in or near a location where Facebook operates.

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$1.5 million in prize funding is available for Solve's 2020 Global Challenge: Health Security & Pandemics, deadline June 18, 2020: MIT Solve is seeking tech innovations that can slow and track the spread of an emerging outbreak, for example by improving individual hygiene, developing low-cost rapid diagnostics or analyzing data that informs decision making. Moreover, Solve is also seeking solutions that focus on preventative and mitigation measures that strengthen access to affordable primary healthcare systems or enhance disease surveillance systems.

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The Global Distributors Collective (GDC) offers an overview on their member's Covid-19 funding campaigns in countries such as Kenya, Zambia or Uganda: A range of GDC members have launched fundraising campaigns to support communities successful reaction to the crisis by delivering essential products or knowledge concerning healthcare.

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Database on active grants by Rockefeller Foundation: The Rockefeller Foundation offers a regularly updated database with available grants worldwide for several topical commitments. 

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Covid-19 Energy Access Relief Fund: The EUR 100 million targeted concessionary debt fund seeks to enable off-grid energy companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to both maintain their customers' existing energy services and retain the staff required to deliver future services to these customers.Visit their webpage to see if your business fulfills the necessary criteria to apply. 

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GET.invest Covid-19 Finance Catalyst Window: GET.invest has opened a Covid-19 window within the Finance Catalyst to provide business and project developers with free-of-cost advisory in terms of investment strategy, (re)structuring their business model, and helping with management and financial models. As well as help with transaction support and to get better access to finance support. Visit GET.invest to check the necessary eligibility criteria. 

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Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund by WHO: The World Health Organization is leading and coordinating the global effort, supporting countries to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic. By donating you can help them financially to establish measures such as to track and understand the spread of the virus or to ensure patients get the care they need.

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Overview and Analyze: Toolkits for Businesses

"Ask an Expert" by Nourishing Africa: In "Ask an Expert" entrepreneurs can ask critical questions related to their businesses to leading experts in the agriculture and food sector. Each week, Nourishing Africa invites a different expert to answer questions from the entrepreneurs on a select topic.

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Covid-19 Playbook by Beyond Capital: The playbook contains a useful checklist as well as 12 strategies on how to organize your business during Covid-19, for example in terms of employee safety, liquidity, investors or sales. 

Covid-19 Playbook

Covid-19 Response Framework by Business Fights Poverty: This framwork offers an insideful view on how businesses can support the most vulnerable in their value chains, communities and beyond.

Covid-19 Response Framework

Survival Checklist by the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship: The Miller Center provides a helpful Survival Checklist for small companies to cope with the crisis.

Survival Checklist

Resilience Toolkit by ygap: In response to the measures that have been taken with regards to Covid-19, ygap has developed a business Resiliency Toolkit to support entrepreneurs and their ventures through this challenging time.

Resilience Toolkit

Manual "Managing your organization successfully during Covid-19" by Global CAD: By providing this free manual, Global CAD aims to assist businesses not only to survive the Covid-19 crisis, but to learn from it and adapt in order to establish more sustainable and resilient practices. The manual includes tools, methodologies and expertise to support entrepreneurs, SMEs, as well as NGO and civil society leaders who are facing this unprecedented change to their core activities. 

Manual on managing your organization successfully

Guideline for IBs on how to engage with the BoP during Covid-19 by Business Call to Action (BCtA): This report shows potential effects of Covid-19 on the BoP and BoP-Engaged Businesses and measures how to cope, for instance, with employee or supplier and distributor needs. 

Guideline how to engage with BoP

Five Insights on DFI Leadership in the Covid-19 Crisis: Dalberg brought together five leaders of Development Finance Institutions (DFI) to discuss their roles in responding to the crisis and likely focus areas moving forward. 

Five Insights on DFI Leadership

McKinsey’s regularly updated Briefing Note: A must read for business leaders. McKinsey’s regularly updated Briefing Note on Covid-19 provide business leaders with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their companies.

McKinsey’s Briefing Note

Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Covid-19 by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): The CDC provides practical tools on how to maintain a healthy business by explaining, for instance, how to prepare workplaces for a Covid-19 outbreak or reduce the transmission among employees.

Health Guidance

The free App "atun" supports Factory Workers impacted by Covid-19: Atun empowers current and former factory workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic fallout by providing weekly updates for work, E-Learnings, parental support concerning out-of-school children and information about workplace reopenings. 

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Learn and Practice: Webinars

Upcoming webinars

Free Covid-19 Business Survival Bootcamp by AMI: The African Management Institute (AMI) provides webinars and online access to practical tools focussing on financial forecasting and cost management in an economic slowdown specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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Weekly live show "Shareholders for A Better World" organized by TBLI Foundation: Every week the TBLI Foundation will have discussions and interviews with thought leaders who are truly working to repair the financial system and actually doing and not only talking.

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AVPN Virtual Conference, 8-12 June 2020: AVPN hosts their annual conference this year digitally. Besides Covid-19, the conference agenda will focus on issues, such as gender, climate action, philantrophy and impact investing. 

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Live webinar and Q&A by MIT D-Lab on "Inclusive Business: Innovation and Resilience for Today's World", 23 June 2020, 10:00 AM EST: Given the logistical constraints and the increased instability in low-income markets created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the imperative to embrace principles of inclusive business for innovative BoP solutions is more critical now than ever. During this webinar, you will not only deepen your understanding of inclusive business, but learn about the concept's relevance in the Covid-19 era and about a five-part framework that can propel your organization to action. 

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Emergency Strategy Planning Workshops by Pro Bono: Pro Bono workshops include deciding on priorities, triaging activities, scenario planning, and building an immediate plan of action and are free of charge for the next three months to leaders who urgently need help. 

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Past webinars

Stay updated on the latest findings in the IB ecosystem from the variety of webinars taking place as a response to Covid-19 by visiting our Covid-19: Webinars' insights for Businesses. There we provide summaries and analysis of key points for you. 

Webinars' insights

Connect and Share: Call for Collective Action

Mentoring Support for entrepreneurs around the world: MicroMentor, a project of Mercy Corps, is pledging to provide access to mentoring to help entrepreneurs with recovering emotionally and financially from the impact of Covid-19. 

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Global Network for CEOs: The UN Global Compact is inviting CEOs to record and submit videos sharing how they and their company are responding to the crisis. 

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Call for all Stakeholders: The World Economic Forum is mobilizing all stakeholders to contribute knowledge on how to cope with the crisis or to provide logistical, technical or communications support for the platform or its activities. 

Covid Action Platform

FASE Impact Investors Barometer: The Impact Investors Barometer asks how Covid-19 is affecting your investment strategies. The survey aims to collect active investors' views on the current situation and share the insights collected through a public report.

Impact Investors Barometer

BFA Open-Sourcing Survey: At BFA Global you can find an open-sourcing survey for "COVID-19 and your finances" in English and Spanish.  

BFA Open-Sourcing Survey

Matchmaking for companies: The digital matchmaking platform connects companies with business opportunities in development cooperation. The offer is now extended with requests and offers from companies - as far as they are relevant to the crisis and development.

Leverist Covid-19 Action platform 

Gain Knowledge: Valuable Content

Information on Private Sector Development (PSD) and Covid-19 by the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED): Access this page for compiled ideas and resources on how donor and development agencies might adjust their PSD interventions to cope with the impacts of the crisis. They provide useful links, for example to global data or knowledge portals. 

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Resources on how to manage Covid-19 by Nourishing Africa: Access their webpage to gain an overview of updated information, entrepreneur experiences on the coronavirus and their offered learning tools such as webinars and publications. 

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Coronavirus Resources by NextBillion: Read NextBillions' updated information on funding opportunities, strategies for adapting to the crisis, virtual events, analysis of emerging trends and news concerning the Coronavirus for the Social Impact Sector.

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