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Onyx is an e-trading company selling only proven and relevant products for the poor. The company addresses the affordability, and accessibility of the products by offering rent-to-own payments and bringing the products to common distribution places.

Inclusive Business Model

The company reduces its distribution costs by working mainly with cooperatives and other similar groupings. The business model is to aggregate demand through e-commerce, concentrate on quality and BoP relevance, assemble products, and distribute to intermediaries close to the customer. The company is open to distributing products from other IB companies and shoulder transport costs if the products are relevant and affordable for the poor.


In 2021, the company had 5,700 customers and it is expected to grow to 10,500 by 2025. About 15% of the customers are from the very poor, 45% from the poor, 30% from low-income and 10% from better-off income groups. 85% of the customers are women.