Seba Foods

Sub-Saharan Africa
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Seba Foods is a large agribusiness focusing on nutrition products made from soya replacing expensive meat consumed by the poor. The company benefits the poor both by engaging them in supplying soya and other products and by selling to them nutritional soya products.

Inclusive Business Model

In 2021 the company engaged about 2,000 farmers in its supply chain and will increase this to 12,000 in 2025. 90% of the supplying farmers are BoP and 45% of them are women. On the sales side, the company sells in Zambia and abroad. For Zambia, it estimates about 1.3 million customers, 80-90% of them being BoP and 60% of the consumers being women.


In the supply model, the company practices comprehensive agrobusiness contract farming substantially increasing farmers' income (30% more than other farmers in the same field), paying a 10% premium, and reducing farmers' risks by providing drought-resistant seeds from Good Nature Agro. Most of the growth going forward will come from sales of soya meat and new product lines like soya milk in the USA, Republic of South Africa, and EC markets.