Solar Sisters

Sub-Saharan Africa
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Solar Sisters is a women-led social enterprise selling solar products (mainly clean cook-stoves, solar lamps and solar home systems).

Inclusive Business Model

The products are sold through self-employed women initially trained by the company and then engaged as down-account distributors. Training and ongoing mentoring equip entrepreneurs with important skills like financial management and technical product knowledge.


Income allows women to contribute to household earnings and gain confidence, financial independence, and respect from their families. As a result, women gain confidence and often serve as role models and change agents in their communities. Families benefit from better health and economic stability thanks to use of clean cookstoves and solar light. Children have reliable, bright lighting to study by at night. Women in particular benefit from time savings thanks to increased lighting after dark and those who use solar lights report increased productivity after the sun sets. Families who switch to clean cookstoves significantly reduce time spent collecting wood, money spent on solid fuels, and smoke output, significantly improving the health of women and children.