Wuchi Wami

Sub-Saharan Africa
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Wuchi Wami is a honey company in the North-West of Zambia. The company is producing about 200 MT of honey every year. The company work currently (2022) with 544 honey farmers (40% of them being women) and wishes to scale this to 10,000 by 2025.

Inclusive Business Model

The annual income of the farmers is relatively low (500 ZMW per bucket of 40 kg honey harvest = 17 kg processed honey) although the company substantially increased the productivity of the beehives (formerly, 3 hives were necessary to fill 1 bucket of honey, now only 1 hive is needed) and pays premium price compared with other competitors.


Honey farming brings some needed cash into rural communities, this income is not sufficient to bring the very poor honey farmers out of poverty.The company was rated as a potential IB due to its strong IB intent, but low commercial viability, social results, and minimal business innovations.