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Overview on Inclusive Business in ASEAN

In November 2017, the ASEAN Chairman’s statement called on Member States to foster an enabling environment for Inclusive Business through conducive rules and regulations, enhanced access to financial resources, awareness raising and education, and capacity building for businesses and the populations they engage.

Following this call to action, a new movement started to unfold among ASEAN Member States to develop specific policies and to set up promotion institutions and programmes to develop an enabling ecosystem for Inclusive Businesses. A common definition of Inclusive Business has been provided by ASEAN. In addition, there is a growing awareness among Member States of the potential of inclusive business companies to reduce poverty reduction and foster inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

ASEAN Member States are at very different stages in the promotion of Inclusive Business. The country snapshots below provide an overview of existing measures of thirteen different states with regards to inclusive business. The information were researched in cooperation our partner United Nations ESCAP and are published in the 2019 report Advancing Enabling Policy Environments for Inclusive Businesses in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).














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