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Business Call to Action (BCtA)
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December 2019
4 online modules

Key Learnings

  • Creating your impact management framework with an SDG lens by describing your Impact Value Chain and identifying relevant indicators to measure your impact performance.
  • How to collect the data needed to measure your impact.
  • How this information can be analysed and used to influence business decisions.


The BCtA Impact Lab is the leading platform for inclusive businesses to better measure and manage their impact. It covers the full impact measurement cycle to support companies in understanding, proving and improving their impact.

The BCtA Impact Lab goes through the impact management process over four self-paced modules. It is a step by step process that covers defining your SDG aligned theory of change; designing your own impact framework; collecting data; and managing and communicating your company’s impact.

This toolkit is relevant for you if...

  • You are an inclusive business wanting to improve your impact measuring and management.
  • You want to learn how to analyse and use your impact data to improve your decision making.


For more information, visit businesscalltoaction.org or reach out via e-mail.

Business Call to Action


Module 1: Assessing Capacity: What is the right pathway for you?

This first module assesses your motivation and capacity for impact measurement and management. We will ask you a series of questions to help you understand your needs and capacities: Why do you want to measure your company’s impact? What will you do with your impact data? What stage is your business at in terms of managing impact? How ready are you to incorporate impact management activities within your operations?

Module 2: Planning & Design: What are you going to measure?

This second module guides you to describe your Impact Value Chain and analyse your impact goals by considering dimensions such as Who, What, How Much, Contribution, Risk and Business Value. We will help you develop an SDG aligned Impact Value Chain (IVC) to select indicators that are measurable. We also help you assess your goals based on the dimensions of impact set forth by the Impact Management Project.

Module 3: Monitoring Impact: How will you collect your data?

This module assists you in selecting relevant indicators and decision-making questions that can help you enhance and scale your impact. What are your key decision-making questions for which you need to collect data? Where will you find data to measure the impact indicators you have selected? How will you collect the data from these stakeholders? When and how frequently should you collect impact data?

Module 4: Analysing Data & Reporting: How to analyse and use the data for your decision making

In the final module, you will be able to collect, monitor and analyze data on selected indicators, and thereafter, communicate and share results with your stakeholders and other inclusive businesses. Create a feedback loop based on your data analysis to make business decisions that help you achieve your impact objectives. Link your impact to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and create a case study based on your experience and impact data.

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