Inclusive Business Management Practices Tool

What does it take to go big? A guide for inclusive businesses to improve management practices and maximize SDG impact.


Published by
Business Call to Action (BCtA)
Business Innovation Facility (BIF), the Inclusive Business Boost, DfID
Published on
December 2019
1 Report (104 pages), Online tool (questionnaire)

Key Learnings

  • How specific management practices can increase a company’s impact and contribution to SDGs. 
  • How to adapt traditional management practices to the context of inclusive business or develop new ones.
  • How management principles correlate with the continuity and growth of inclusive business (IB) initiatives.


The toolkit looks at the constraints within multinational corporations (MNCs) that are preventing the uptake and internalisation of inclusive business models. It considers the internal barriers to scale and the specific management practices that MNCs adopt or develop for their inclusive business. It presents what it means to develop and tailor management practices to inclusive business, why it is important for the success of the inclusive business and how companies can improve and become leaders.

This work draws on a decade of experience engaging with companies implementing IB across sizes, sectors and regions. It includes insights from the latest State of IB Survey and interviews with executives from over 20 corporations across 10 sectors and all 5 regions, allowing BCtA to create a tool designed for internal change.

This toolkit is relevant for you if...

  • You are an IB, particularly a multinational corporation or a large company, looking for a practical instrument to improve business performance across all areas of IB
  • You are looking for a tool to motivate and drive change and focus on internal management practices to drive and scale your IB.


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Business Call to Action


Report: What does it take to go big? Management practices to bring inclusive business to scale

This report fills the information gap for companies who are looking to engage in an inclusive business activity or scale an existing inclusive business. It identifies cross-cutting IB management practices which allow companies to gain critical insights to improve their models and better communicate impact and business value to investors, stakeholders and customers, thus gaining greater internal support for the sustainability and replication of inclusive business initiatives.

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Tool: Inclusive Business Management Practices Tool

This tool allows you to assess the performance of your company in implementing 10 identified management practices, see your results compared to your peers, learn from inclusive business experts and create an improvement plan with the tactics, considerations and resources provided.

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