Ndidi O. Nwuneli
Managing Partner, Sahel Consulting Agriculture & Nutrition

I am passionate about building inclusive businesses because they have a catalytic impact on society through their innovative business models, driven by their commitment to do well and do good! Inclusive businesses build and sustain their competitive advantage, growth and profitability by investing in local sourcing and building strong distribution channels that engage low income populations.

Africa needs more inclusive businesses, and I am committed to working with a broad range of stakeholders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to foster knowledge sharing, promote best practices and ultimately, create an enabling environment for inclusive businesses to thrive.

Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli is a serial social entrepreneur based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the Co-founder of AACE Foods, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Sahel Consulting, Chair of NourishingAfrica.com and Founder of LEAP Africa.

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