Anne Salter

Anne is a development professional. She has undertaken a number of research projects as part of the Ashley Insight team with clients including the World Bank Innovations team, Business Call to Action and the Global Innovation Fund. Anne has worked with the Federation of Social Organisations in Costa Rica, Ashoka Mexico and Social Enterprise UK.

Sustainable Development Goals: Tools for Business

15. Mar 2016

As all the blogs in the series on SDGs and inclusive business from the Practitioner Hub have discussed, there are multitudes of ways for business to have a positive social impact and gain from opportunities arising through the SDGs. However a quick google will come out with an overwhelming amount of information for business about how this can be done. Below we pull together some of the most useful tools that aim to help you develop your business strategy around the SDGs:

  1. SDG Compass from UN Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Contains a self-assessment guide for business to align strategy with SDGs. Find out more in this blog from WBCSD here.
  2. SDG Industry Matrix from UN Global Compact and KPMG. Highlighting examples of best practice through a series of reports.
  3. The Global Goals Business Navigator from PwC. Evaluate which Global Goals your business can best contribute to, the potential opportunities and risks involved.
  4. Business Charter for Sustainable Development from International Chamber of Commerce. Includes practical resources for all business to contribute towards SDG implementation.
  5. Business for 2030 from U.S. Council for International Business. Examples of how business contributes to sustainable development.
  6. The Poverty Footprint from Oxfam and UN global compact. Tool to understand corporate impacts on multidimensional poverty.
  7. The Partnering Initiative a range of tool kits for business to enter and manage cross-sector partnerships.

We know many organisations are working up more initiatives and reports on business and the SDGs, including Business Call to Action, Sustainable Food Lab and Business Fights Poverty.

Don’t also miss these challenges for business to enter:

  1. Already have a strategy in place? UN Global compact launched a campaign to find ‘SDG pioneers’, apply by April 30th 2016. Winners to be announced at UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit in June.
  2. Looking for support on how you can get involved? PWC Business Challenge in partnership with the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council is open to all businesses of any size or location.

And keep an eye on:

The Global Commission on Business and Sustainable Development was launched at Davos in January 2016 with the aim of exploring models that can lead to expanding market opportunities and benefit sustainable communities. The Commission brings together international leaders from business, labour, financial institutions and civil society. The Commission will present a comprehensive report in January 2017, outlining new business and financial models, as well as market opportunities for companies who are invested in achieving sustainable development.

For more information: