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This database targets companies looking for financial and/or technical support. The database lists organisations and initiatives providing different kinds of support, such as capital in the form of grants, loans and equity, or technical support in the form of advice, partnership brokering or networking support. To learn more about the database, click the info button on the right. 

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Who is this database for?

This database aims to serve inclusive businesses that are looking for sources of support to help them grow, ranging from capital to technical support.


What does the database cover?

This database lists organizations that provide technical and financial support to inclusive businesses. The database will continue growing as support organizations are registered. Inclusive businesses are diverse, and so too are the range of organizations that provide support and the types of support they offer. The resources listed cover a continuum of financing solutions, from grants and concessional financing to commercial finance and private equity. They also include organizations and initiatives providing technical assistance (TA), advice, partnership brokering, information, advocacy, and networking. The database is easy to navigate and provides useful filters such as the range of financial support provided and the stage of enterprise supported (if such information is available). 

More organizations will be added over time and suggestions are welcome. Other database that we recommend include:

► GET.invest: focused on renewable energy in Africa
► Nexus for Development: focused on Southeast Asia
 The Mix: Database on microfinance services

Why and how was the database developed?

Inclusive business entrepreneurs often face difficulties identifying partners that could provide crucial financial and technical support. Even though such support is available, information about it is often fragmented and hard to find. The database addresses this challenge, making information on financial and technical support easy to identify and navigate by providing easily searchable categories and filters.

The entries and information provided in the database are compiled by the research team using information publicly available on organization websites or provided directly by the organizations themselves. 


Who developed the database?

The Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business (now and the Asian Development Bank set up this database to help overcome this challenge. The Connect to Grow programme supported further development of this database in 2016, specifically to include intermediaries in its target countries. In late 2017 and 2018, the DFID Impact Programme funded the most comprehensive review and update of the database yet, which was implemented by Endeva. The Endeva team reviewed the categories and all existing entries, and also added hundreds of entries with the support of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) and other partners.

ANDE has just launched a new site of their own that provides data about financial and non-financial support available for small and growing businesses in a specific city or country. ANDE’s Ecosystem Snapshots aim to help those supporting entrepreneurs to foster conditions in which businesses can thrive. 



What can users search for on the database?

You can keep your search for organizations broad by just selecting the finance and/or technical support offering you are looking for or you can narrow down your search by selecting further filters such as type of organization, sector, region/country etc. If you are looking for a specific topic that is not included in the current category list, use the keywords search bar to search the entire database. This will return results on that topic from the whole database.


If users want all entries from Asia, does one need to select all Asian countries, too (or ditto for other continents)?

No. If you would like to see all the material for one continent, for example South Asia, select ‘South Asia’ under the ‘Region/Country’ filter and click on the ‘Apply’ button. This will bring up all intermediaries that provide support in South Asia.



Amount of financial support

Intermediary Database

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East Asia and Pacific, South Asia

AVPN is the only comprehensive social investor network in Asia. It is one of the main creators of ecosystems for the Investing for Impact sector, with over 500 members all around the world. AVPN’s mission is to catalyze the movement towards a more strategic, collaborative approach focused on the results of the social investment, ensuring that resources are deployed as efficiently as possible to address the main social challenges faced by Asia today and in the future.

Type of OrganisationNetwork/ Business association/ membership organisation/ knowledge platform
Region/CountryEast Asia and Pacific, South Asia
Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Exact Amount
Focus TypeNGOs/Non-profits, Investment funds
Grow Asia
East Asia and Pacific

Grow Asia is a multi-stakeholder partnership platform bringing together companies, governments, NGOs and other stakeholders. Grow Asia focuses on crop value chains and supports smallholder farmers and environmental sustainability of agriculture by providing access to information, knowledge, markets and finance.

Type of OrganisationNetwork/ Business association/ membership organisation/ knowledge platform
Region/CountryEast Asia and Pacific
Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam
Exact Amount
Technical Support OfferingInformation sharing, resources and publications, Partnership brokering, investment facilitation, networking
East Asia and Pacific

HamsaHub is a Singapore-registered skill development and local economic research consultancy with extended physical presence in Indonesia (Jakarta) and Myanmar (Mandalay & Naypyitaw) providing services in project and programme design, stakeholder analysis and international development. The firm supports the private sector, governments and NGOs with strategic consultancy and support.

Type of OrganisationConsultancy
Region/CountryEast Asia and Pacific
Indonesia, Myanmar
Exact Amount
Technical Support OfferingOne-to-one advisory support, Consulting Services, Partnership brokering, investment facilitation, networking, Training, and other classroom based support (online/offline)
Proximity Designs
East Asia and Pacific

Proximity Designs is a social enterprise designing products and services for individuals and businesses in Myanmar. Proximity provides irrigation products, farm advisory services, financial services (focusing on smallholder farmers), solar lights and rural infrastructure.

Type of OrganisationConsultancy
Region/CountryEast Asia and Pacific
Finance OfferingDebt finance
Exact Amount
Technical Support OfferingOne-to-one advisory support, Consulting Services, Training, and other classroom based support (online/offline)
Focus TypeStart-ups
Yoma Bank
East Asia and Pacific

The Yoma Bank is a private bank providing financial solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in Myanmar.

Type of OrganisationCommercial Bank
Region/CountryEast Asia and Pacific
Finance OfferingDebt finance
Exact Amount
Focus StageGrowth Companies