TTNET, Increasing internet literacy among low-income communities of Turkey


TTNET is the first Turkish firm to join the Business Call to Action (BCtA) with their commitment to broaden internet access and literacy training. Turkey’s largest internet company pledged to expand internet access and educational opportunities to remote areas in Turkey by 2015.

Recognizing that economic barriers to technology can hinder the growth and development of all income groups and broaden the socioeconomic gap, TTNET is working hard to change the landscape.

TTNET’s pilot program Internet 4All initiative aims to support Turkey’s development efforts by facilitating access to quality educational support and digital literacy training in more than 20 cities prioritized for economic development by the Turkish Ministry for Development.  Its goal is to provide affordable access for new consumers (ensuring that they do not pay a premium for products) and to meet the complex growing telecommunication needs of one of the largest and emerging economies.

Read the full BCtA case study (pdf).