Konkero, Brazil: Company Case Study

Executive Summary 

Despite being a topic of great importance to the development of society, financial education is not yet part of everyday life for millions of Brazilians. With that in mind, Konkero was created in 2012 to fill a gap related to the financial education of low-income Brazilians. Konkero is an online financial education platform that seeks to disseminate free online content about finance explained in a simple language so that the low-income population is able to evaluate and be more aware of their possibilities and rights when buying. In recent years, government programs and incentives have allowed the low-income population to have access to most consumer goods, such as home appliances, mobile phones, computers, cars, etc. However, the education of the population, mainly related to personal finance, did not follow this growth, a fact that led to an increase in the rate of debt and default. Konkero’s main source of income are financial services and advertisements. The business works to generate value for the organisation and at the same time, empower low-income consumers and help them to have an economically sustainable way of life. The website content is divided into two major sections: personal finance and financial services. In the personal finances section financial management issues are addressed, such as: organizing expenses, saving and negotiating debts, among others. In the financial services section, an array of banking products are explained in a simple way to help the user make better decisions. Konkero became the largest independent online personal finance platform in Brazil. Today, it receives more than 850,000 visits per month, has 1,400 articles published and 7,000 questions answered. 

Read the full company case study (pdf).