Vitamine T


For the past fifteen years, André Dupon has pioneered an alternative to the state-subsidized job training programs as a way to cope with France's deep-seated structural unemployment. By creating a series of hybrid value partnerships between business and social enterprises that have a strong job creation feature, André has fitted a new paradigm in the fight against unemployment and social exclusion and changed the views of business leaders looking to set up or extend business operations in France.

By realizing that the future of the job insertion field will belong to those who can create partnerships based on industry knowledge leadership, André has invented, experimented and scaled an innovative model to co-create large-sized social ventures with the business sector. By systematizing a new type of alliances and bringing his Groupe “Vitamine T” to a critical size, he has enabled a growing number of unemployed people to find their way back to the labor market and also demonstrated how hybrid value chains are efficient, impactful and sustainable solutions to address long-term unemployment in France. 

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