3S SHRAMIK, portable sanitation and waste management, India

South Asia
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A hands on BOP impact company, creating innovative practices and applications to solve India’s biggest problem of open defecation, and improving hygiene and sanitation, as an integral part of nation building and most recently the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. 3S® Shramik extended their business by providing household toilets for rural India. 3S also educates the beneficiaries for usage of toilets and healthy sanitation practises. 3S specialises in providing solutions and multiple options for public toilets including an innovative public restroom concept known as ‘ti’ (toilet integration).

Inclusive Business Model

‘ti’ is made by refurbishing of old scrap buses into luxurious restrooms for women. ‘ti’ has Indian and western toilets, shower cubicle, baby diaper changing station, sanitary pad vending machine & hand wash units. The entire bus was stripped down and cleaned of any rusted or damaged parts before being converted to.


Recycling was the idea behind the 'ti' concept. PMC , Indus and 3S put their strengths together and came up with an idea to recycle these buses and create something that would be used for at least another ten years and that the refurbishing would considerably improve environmental impact.