ACRA is a non-governmental, secular and independent organization, founded in Milan in 1968 and engaged in international cooperation, in the protection of human rights and in the fight against poverty and inequality. Works together with local communities in Africa and Latin America to guarantee the right of access to food, water, education, energy; for the protection and protection of the environment and to support inclusive and lasting growth ,

Inclusive Business Model
  • Improving the access of the most vulnerable groups to social protection mechanisms.
  • Construction or rehabilitation of essential community services through the "HIMO sites" (local labor, especially young people).
  • Creation of  community investment funds  for the operation and maintenance of essential community services.
  • Promotion of the access of the population to microcredit and training of beneficiaries on the management of microcredit.
  • Promotion of  the "value chains" approach in the agro-forestry-pastoral field  and enhancement of natural resources.

Direct beneficiaries: 83,712  people, including  very vulnerable groups  (children, elderly, women and young people without employment), agro-shepherds and members of farmers 'and ranchers' village groups and associations, students and representatives of the authorities, community leaders, members of community organizations and administrative structures.
Indirect beneficiaries: 150,940  vulnerable people living in the provinces of Ouaddai, Sila and Salamat, areas with a high refugee density.