Alliance Ginneries

Sub-Saharan Africa
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Alliance Ginneries is a cotton ginning company sourcing all its raw materials directly from smallholder farmers. IThe company partners with NGOs to provide extra services to farmers.

Inclusive Business Model

Alliance Ginneries (AllGi) is primarily a cotton ginning company. Currently, they are venturing into organic cotton and soybean processing. The company sources all raw products from smallholder farmers, most of whom live in remote areas and do subsistence farming. Alliance provides them a guaranteed market, extension services and other forms of support. Alliance is certified by Cotton made in Africa, which sets high sustainability benchmarks.


Alliance directly impacts the farmers they are working with by providing them with inputs on credit and recover the loans after the harvest. Also, Alliance guarantee them fair market prices. This enables them to pay school fees and medical expenses. Many of the farmers grow soy as well, because it is not labour intensive and requires few inputs.

In addition, Alliance partners with NGOs to go the extra mile and offer free community services. For example, teaching the farmers in Zambia and Tanzania in agricultural practices.or how to build and maintain clean cooking stoves.