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Fed Rice is a rice milling company, exporting about 70 per cent of its produce, especially organic rice. In 2018, the company had a revenue of about $4 million and expects sales of up to $8 million by 2023. The company has a moderate commercial return.

FedRice rice is a product of the Battambang region of Cambodia.

Inclusive Business Model

The company sources from 3,000 farm households, 70 per cent of them low-income households, in 4 provinces, and expects to double its reach by 2022. The company pays farmers about 10-15 per cent higher prices than traders, but has not introduced any specific and relevant innovation to share the risks of the poor, and its social impact (in terms of depth) is not so high. 

FedRice employs a team of more than 50 full-time staff, half of whom are women. This gender equality is also reflected at management level. Employees are paid salaries that greatly exceed the Cambodian labor market averages and are offered health insurance fully covered by FedRice.