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Findjobs improves access to employment for the least educated, elderly and low-income persons in Singapore by creating an easy-to-use mobile application which connects them to the blue-collar labour market.

Inclusive Business Model

Poorly educated workers often aren’t tech-savvy and struggle to access job postings online. Also, jobs are often posted in English. Findjobs created an easy-to-use mobile application, where workers can easily access job postings and apply for them in minutes. The application is available in the four main languages spoken in Singapore: English, Mandarin, Tamil, and Malay. Findjobs  has also set up 35 Smart Job Kiosks in local communities.


Findjobs closes a gap. Without the app, non-tech savvy or low-income workers would continue to depend on offline resources like newspapers or shopfront posters to find job openings. The online job market just isn’t accessible to many of them.