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Hamona is a food/fruit business, processing and branding ready to drink coconut. The company was founded in 2013 and has since then shown robust growth.

Inclusive Business Model

The company currently sources coconuts from about 300 farmers and is planning to increase that to about 600 farmers by 2023. Farmers producing for Hamona are mostly low income (50 percent of suppliers) and better off farmers (30 per cent), while the company sources less from poor households (20 per cent). 


Coconut farmers in the Mekong Delta typically earn an unstable income as the result of coconut fluctuating prices throughout the year. Hamona has been welcoming and working closely with responsible and skillful farmers who may have limited access to knowledge, opportunities and incentives but are open to employ efficient and effective farming methods. The farmers enjoy a stable income all year round without worrying about seasonal fluctuation of coconut production and price. They are no longer exposed to harmful chemicals that may place negative effects on their health and the environment.

Knowledge-sharing and consulting sessions are often held by Hamona to help coconut farmers gain resources that will help them independently improve their coconut growing business.