Impact Terra

South Asia
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Impact Terra is a leading AgriTech providing analytics for the global food and agriculture market. The company focuses on improving food security and reducing climate risk. Its software-based platforms provide businesses and governments with global agriculture & climate analytics, and smallholder farmers with actionable advice. Impact Terra was founded in Myanmar in 2016 and currently operates from Amsterdam and Singapore. The company raised USD 3 million of growth funding till date.

Business Product: GPCI

The Golden Paddy Crop Insights Portal (GPCI) aggregates and analyses trillions of data points from satellites and weather stations and provides meaningful insights that enable informed agricultural decision making. The portal provides decision makers with easy-to-use dashboards, maps and alerts. GPCI enables clients across the global food, feed, insurance, finance and government sectors to make fact-based decisions. 

Farmer App: Golden Paddy

The Golden Paddy Mobile Application (GP) provides smallholder farmers with crop and location specific growing advice, market access and financing opportunities. Smallholder farmers receive push notifications with alerts and advice, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), market prices and listings of buyers and sellers.


Impact Terra and the Sustainable Development Goals

No poverty

Impact Terra lifts millions of smallholder farmers out of poverty as they can use the information and services on the platform to increase their income, be independent, and resilient.


Zero hunger

Impact Terra enables farmers to increase food productivity and informs about sustainable food production. Moreover, the support in diversification of crops and safe food production contributes to eliminating world hunger. 


Gender Equality

Impact Terra empowers millions of women in smallholder farming households due to equal access to information and services.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

Impact Terra empowers all agricultural value chains by providing information, services, and data-driven solutions for challenges faced by farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.


Reduced Inequalities

Impact Terra reduces economic and social inequality as all farmers, including women and disadvantaged groups, have equal access to data-driven tech solutions to improve their livelihoods.


Climate Action

Impact Terra creates climate awareness through the information provided on the platform.

Moreover the platform includes an early warning system for extreme weather conditions in order to improve climate adaptations when necessary.