Inner Peace Spa Academy

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Inner Peace was established as a spa in 2016 and also trained in Inner peace some therapists. In 2018, responding to the large demand for spa therapists in Sabah and beyond, the company created Inner Peace Spa Academy as a new business line for supplying spa therapists to other companies. Inner Peace acquires talents from all over Sabah especially from the interior villages in Sabah.  They mainly work with the Department of Labour to scout for people living in the interior of Sabah that could become spa therapist.

Inclusive Business Model

The current social enterprise approach: The Inner Peace Spa Academy currently offers 12-month free spa training (including 11 months on the job training) for about 100 trainees per year. The revenue is based on a placement fee of MYR 2,500 from the spa plus a MYR 1,000 bonus payment from the spa when the therapist graduates to become a full-time employee. In the current social enterprise model, the training is free for those receiving the training and during the training period the trainees are provided with accommodation and basic necessities. Upon completion of the one-month training program, the trainees will be placed as an intern in a spa in the country and given a certificate upon completing their 11 months internship. This current business model is commercially not viable and has a small social reach.


In the new business model, trainees will be trained 2 months with a fee of RM2,500. The fee will be deducted from their job placement salary. Trainees can earn a minimum of RM1,500 upon placement. Inner Peace will also receive RM2,500 placement fee from the spa (employer). After completing two months of internship the employer will adopt the intern as permanent staff. The business model of 12 months became one of four months. With that, the intern (now a permanent employee) will receive a RM1,500 monthly basic salary with additional incentive/commission. The employers will provide accommodation for the employees and other necessities. Typically, a spa therapist can then earn up to RM3,000 a month with allowances and overtime.