Sub-Saharan Africa
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LifeBank is a medical logistics company operating in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia. It supports mothers suffering from Postpartum Haemorrhage. Through a tech-based platform and a cross-subsidization model, it has helped save 20,000 people since 2016, the majority of whom were from low-income communities. 

Inclusive Business Model

LifeBank save lives by delivering medical supplies like blood, medicines, vaccines and oxygen across Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia.Many of the hospitals they serve cater to patients from low-income communities. LifeBank uses a cross-subsidisation model to charge them prices they can afford. Premium customers in wealthy areas cross-subsidise hospitals serving low-income communities. These hospitals receive the same supplies, but with less extra services and at a lower price.


LifeBank ensures the availability, affordability, and accessibility of critical medical supplies 24/7. With SmartBag, a blockchain-based product tracking blood transfusions from vein to vein. It enables hospitals to check the safety record of transfusions. In addition, LifeBank has developed an app to simplify blood donations. In Nigeria alone, they employ over 100 people in the office and along the logistics chains.