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Mavis Computel makes education accessible in rural Nigeria. Its "talking books" take the schools to the children and teach subjects in the learners' native languages. Through group sharing models, they encourage collaboration and make the books affordable in low-income communities. 

Sub-Saharan Africa
Inclusive Business Model

How does your business model create revenue?

Chiemezie: In low-income communities, eighty or ninety per cent of our income comes through NGOs or development programmes. A lot of parents just want to get by and buy food, so they do not care much about education. This has become a lot worse because of Covid, so they cannot pay for the books by themselves. In middle- or high-income communities, over ninety per cent of our users are self-funding.

Can you tell me the revenue of your business?

Chiemezie: So far, we have made 442,850 US dollars from nine partners and 30,000 US dollars from retail sales. 

Do you receive any funding or technical support from outside the company?

Samuel: No, we don’t.



Involvement of poor and low-income communities
BoP* as supplier