Nature's Nectar

Sub-Saharan Africa
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Nature's Nectar is a honey company working in the North-Western, Eastern and Copperbelt provinces of Zambia producing mainly for export to the USA, the Republic of South Africa, and the EU. Nature's Nectar with rural communities in Zambia to create a sustainable income and enhance the protection of local forests through beekeeping.

Inclusive Business Model

By 2021 the company sourced from over 2000 honey farmers, up from 200 in 2018 and projected to engage 5,000 farmers by 2025. 100% of the honey suppliers are from the BoP community, and currently, Nature's Nectar has over 24,000. To save the forest, the company has an agreement with the chiefdoms it works in to supply sustainable and long-lasting beehives to farmers. Nature's Nectar trains farmers on the management of these long-lasting beehives and then pays a premium to farmers for honey produced to incentivize sustainable production practices.


The use of these long-lasting beehives enhances their environmental and climate impact by placing beehives in protected areas agreed on with communities and saving indigenous trees being cut to make traditional bark beehives. The use of these hives also improves honey quality which therefore also justifies the premium price being paid to farmers. Nature's Nectar also works with 50% female farmers, a deliberate impact point to ensure females can participate in a typically male-dominated activity.